Southern Comfort Partners With Tabasco

Southern Comfort, Louisville, Ky., launches Southern Comfort Fiery Pepper, a fierce fusion of Southern Comfort and Tabasco brand pepper sauce.

The spicy 70-proof concoction delivers a perfectly balanced mixture of whiskey, the premium flavors of Southern Comfort and the kick of Tabasco brand pepper sauce. Served as a cold shot or incorporated into a cocktail, Southern Comfort Fiery Pepper finishes off any drink with the perfect amount of heat.

"This partnership between Southern Comfort and Tabasco brand strikes the perfect balance between sweet and heat and brings together two iconic brands for a one-of-a-kind product," says Mark Bacon, vice president and managing director of Southern Comfort. "Fiery Pepper gives our consumers another unique way to enjoy Southern Comfort that will challenge their senses and fire up the night."

Southern Comfort Fiery Pepper will be available only in the U.S. initially with global expansion to follow. "We're making a considerable investment during and after the initial launch of the brand. Fiery Pepper is a significant initiative for us and will be a key component of the Southern Comfort growth plan for years to come," adds Bacon.

"We're proud to partner with another iconic brand born in Louisiana to create a spicy addition to the classic Southern Comfort line," says Paul McIlhenny, president and CEO of McIlhenny Co., maker of Tabasco pepper sauce. "We look forward to a future of fiery cocktails."

Suggested retail price for a 750-ml bottle is $16.99.

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