D'noir Prunes Are A Plum Masterpiece

If you think a prune is a prune, you haven't tasted D'Noir Prunes -- at least so says Sunsweet Growers Inc., from Yuba City, Calif. After nearly 100 years of working with nature, Sunsweet introduces this fresh, juicy and delicious prune. The company claims it has prune lovers (and previous non-prune lovers) calling it the best-tasting prune ever.

From the crop of plums grown in their California orchards, Sunsweet growers nurture select plums to full maturity so they meet the D'Noir standards. These are packed moist, tender and pure – without preservatives – to give D'Noir Prunes a fresh and natural taste with all the nutrition goodness from prunes.

D'Noir Prunes have whole-fruit antioxidants that play a role in disease prevention and may slow the aging process, natural fiber that promotes healthy digestion and helps keep hunger at bay, and natural potassium that improves heart health and increases energy levels.

D'Noir Prunes easily make any daily meal, snack or dessert D'vine. Drop them into yogurt, mix them with a handful of almonds, top a bowl of vanilla ice cream or indulge with D'Noir Prunes and a bit of dark chocolate.

"It took us a long time to perfect the process that allows us to make D'Noir Prunes without preservatives," says COO Dane Lance.

Suggested retail price is $3.29.

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