Thai Kitchen Introduces 100 Percent All-Natural Thai Herbs And Spices

For at-home cooks looking to recreate their favorite Thai dishes, Thai Kitchen, a brand of Berkeley, Calif.-based Simply Asia Foods LLC, introduces a five-product line of 100 percent all-natural Thai herbs and spices.

To accommodate consumers who want to explore the balance of spicy, sweet, salty, and bitter flavors essential to Thai cuisine, the line includes five often hard to find herbs and spice varieties – Lemongrass, Thai Bird Eye Chilies, Thai Basil, Galangal, and Kaffir Lime Leaves, to allow at-home cooks to add their own signature to traditional Thai dishes while bringing out the distinctly aromatic features of Thai cuisine.

“Cooking Thai food can be intimidating for many consumers, but it doesn't have to be,” says Luna Ravenna, senior marketing manager for Simply Asia Foods. “At Thai Kitchen, we're focused on creating authentic and easy-to-prepare Thai food products. We saw essential Herbs & Spices as a natural extension of our high-quality Thai ingredients -- making it easier for consumers to prepare their favorite restaurant dishes from the comfort of their own kitchens. The line is extremely versatile and flavorful, and allows at-home cooks to really customize Thai meals to their tastes, or just add a little Thai flavor to their everyday meals."  

Suggested retail price is $4.99 to $6.99.
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