Kraft Adds Two New Flavors to Nabisco Wheat Thins Crunch Stix

Northfield, Ill.-based Kraft Foods Inc. introduces two new varieties of Nabisco Wheat Thins Crunch Stix, crunchy baked snack sticks and one of my favorite products last year. New trendy and sensational varieties include Chipotle Pepper and Cinnamon Kick.

The outside packaging, a hexagon reminiscent of Chinese-food container -- wide mouth at the top (which folds down to form a paper bowl) and narrow at the bottom invites consumption of a handful of Stix, while preventing your hand from getting stuck in the lining. And since you don't need a bowl or a plate, there is nothing to clean up.
With 11g of whole grains per serving, Wheat Thins Crunch Stix have a super crunchy mouthfeel, which is very satisfying. The serving size is generous at 14 Stix (130 calories) and the package contains 14 servings.

Suggested retail price for an 8-oz package is $3.49.
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