Smoked Bacon Mustards Debut

Beaverton, Ore.-based Beaverton Foods Inc. expands its Inglehoffer and Beaver product lines with two new smoked bacon mustards. 

The new mustards are a first for the 82-year-old specialty condiments manufacturer to add smoky goodness to its products. The new 12-oz. Beaver Hickory Bacon Mustard brings a little Southern flavor to the brand with rich hickory and subtle bacon goodness. Inglehoffer Applewood Smoked Bacon Mustard, blends Beaverton Foods' award-winning Honey Mustard with Maple and smoked bacon in a 10-oz. bottle. 

"We constantly strive to innovate and we see bacon and wood smoke as popular flavor profiles right now," says CEO Domonic Biggi. "I believe our customers will enjoy the new mustards, which offer uses well beyond sandwich spreads."

Suggested retail price for an easy-to-use squeeze bottle is $3.89-$4.49.