Bel Brands Presents Five New Varieties of Laughing Cow Cream Cheese

Elk Grove, Ill.-based Bel Brands USA, known for its portion controlled cheeses, rolls out The Laughing Cow Smooth Sensations Cream Cheese Spread in five creamy varieties: Classic Cream 1/3 Less Fat, Strawberries & Cream 1/3 Less Fat, Garden Vegetable 1/3 Less Fat, Cinnamon Cream 1/3 Less Fat, and Classic Cream.

All flavors are packaged in a format consumers know well -- individually portioned wedges. The four varieties with one-third less fat than regular cream cheese contain 45 calories per gold foil-wrapped wedge, while the Classic Cream flavor contains 55 calories per wedge. They will, no doubt, spread cheer to bagel, toast and cracker lovers.

"We are thrilled to introduce The Laughing Cow Smooth Sensations Cream Cheese Spread and are excited to provide consumers with a delectably rich, portion-controlled alternative to traditional cream cheese for a better breakfast experience," says Dan Waters, marketing director at Bel Brands USA. "Our team is dedicated to bringing consumers delicious cheeses they can feel good about eating, and with the introduction of this new product we now have offerings that meet their needs at any time of the day."

Suggested retail price for a package of eight wedges is $3.69.

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