Coating System Helps Food Processors Ward Off Mold and Bacteria

Food processors have an additional tool in their safety and sanitation arsenal. Bioni USA's coating system is a patented solution for mold and bacteria in food and beverage processing facilities.

This nanotechnology-based coating system has been specifically designed for the requirements of the food industry. According to the company, the individual components of the Bioni System were developed and patented in conjunction with the Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology.

The Bioni System protects against mold and bacteria using a 2-layer system that can be directly applied on mold affected substrates or virtually any other substrate such as concrete, steel, IMP, FRP, etc. The Bioni System also permanently prevents new mold or bacteria from forming or growing on the coating system film. Therefore making the removal of existing old layers a thing of the past and also helping reduce costly cleaning cycles.

Because the Bioni System solution does not need biocides, fungicides, or chemical mold removers for disinfecting and pre-treatment of the affected surfaces, Bioni System is considered environmentally friendly, safe in terms of the room-air hygiene and safe to use in food processing facilities.
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Sanitation & hygiene
Bioni USA