Bossa Nova Launches 90-Calorie Acai Superjuices

Blue Ash, Ohio-based Bossa Nova launches organic, superfruit beverages with only 90 calories per 10 fl. oz., representing a 32 percent decrease in calories and 30 percent fewer grams of sugar while maintaining Bossa Nova's exotic taste and naturally nutritious profile.

Available in 10-oz and 32-oz bottles, varieties include: Organic Acai Original; Organic Acai Blueberry; Organic Acai Pomegranate; and All Natural Acerola Red Peach. 

"Our antioxidant-rich, organically certified superfruit beverages, now available with fewer calories and less sugar, represent a winning combination for consumers wanting more wholesome beverage choices," says David Zellen, head of Bossa Nova marketing. "Additionally, we follow sustainable harvesting methods and use an eco-sensitive production process and 100% recyclable bottles."
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