Earthbound Farm Introduces Organic Snacks With Big Bold Taste

Little kids, teens and adults do it at school, at work and even while driving or on-the-go. Yes, snacking is a national pastime growing in popularity. Organic snack sales are growing at 7.2 percent, compared with sales of conventional snacks, pacing at just 4.3 percent, according to the Organic Trade Association So Earthbound Farm, San Bautista, Calif., introduces Organic Snack Mixes with the intention of making organic food an accessible, practical and affordable choice for today's budget- and health-conscious consumers. Discerning snackers will enjoy a combination of USDA-certified organic dried fruit, nuts and savory spices with no added sweeteners and no artificial anything.

Bold varieties include: Roasted Tamari Cherry Almond (flax seed clusters, dried sweet cherries, roasted, salted soy nuts and tamari almonds), Cracked Black Pepper CranWalnut (sweet and spicy walnuts, dry roasted cashews, dried tart cherries, sweet raisins, dried cranberries and tamari sunflower seeds) and Mandala Spice Coconut Cashew (Mandala spice cashews, roasted almonds, sweet raisins and toasted coconut).

"Based on our consumer research, we saw a real opportunity in the market for a boldly flavored, highly nutritious organic snack mix that would delight even the most gourmet shopper's taste buds while being accessibly priced," says Chief Marketing Officer Judy Chen. "We are excited to bring rich flavors and certified organic ingredients to the snack mix category."

Suggested retail price for a 3.75-oz. resealable package is $3.99.

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