Frankly Fresh Hummus Cocktails and Hummus Smoothies debut

Carson, Calif.-based Frankly Fresh, a Cedarlane Natural Foods company, revolutionizes hummus dips with a combination of fresh, unconventional flavors and all-natural ingredients. The brand introduces non-alcoholic Hummus Cocktails and Hummus Smoothies, garden-fresh, healthy, flavor-packed party dips.

Varieties of Frankly Fresh Hummus Cocktails include: Bloody Mary, infused with hints of tomato and celery; Dirty Martini, enhanced with pimento olives and sea salt; Pineapple Mojito, enlivened with an exhilarating splash of pineapple and mint; and Black Russian, perked up with ground espresso beans.

There are four varieties of the Hummus Smoothies: Four Berry Dip, bursting with strawberry, blueberry, raspberry and blackberry; Tropical Mango Dip, made with mango, papaya, and passion fruit; Green Tea Dip, featuring a refreshing undercurrent of green tea, and Strawberry Banana Dip, balancing vibrant strawberry with sweet, tropical banana.

All Hummus Cocktail and Smoothie varieties are made with all-natural ingredients, have fewer than 70 calories, 3g of sugar and 3.5g of fat per serving, are cholesterol free, and contain 0g of saturated fat and trans fat. Frankly Fresh also utilizes High Pressure Processing (HPP), a cutting-edge, USDA-approved technology to preserve freshness and flavor naturally. This food processing method employs elevated water pressure instead of chemical preservatives and heat to protect against the introduction of harmful bacteria and loss of flavor over shelf time. HPP keeps Frankly Fresh Hummus Cocktails and Smoothies fresh on the shelf for up to 60 days.