Key Technology Introduces New Wet Spinach Sorting System

Key Technology's Wet Spinach Sorting System is an integrated system that includes an Iso-Flo dewatering shaker, Flo-Belt, and Manta sorter with laser technology and top and bottom cameras to inspect wet spinach after washing .

After washing removes mud from the spinach leaves, the clean product is fed to an Iso-Flo dewatering conveyor that removes most of the water and spreads leaves to feed the Flo-Belt. With Flo-Belt, fast-moving air elevates and separates the spinach leaves to reduce surface water, eliminate clumps, remove heavy FM, and spread product to feed Manta.

Spinach leaves are inspected by fluorescence-sensing lasers and top- and bottom-mounted visible infrared cameras. The system sorts up to 5.5 tons (5000 kg) of finished product per hour.

The system is designed to operate reliably in harsh environments and easily withstand high-pressure washdowns. An integrated Clean-in-Place system detects product on viewing windows and automatically clears the window without operator assistance to allow the sorter to continue operating at peak performance.
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Key Technology