Land O'Frost Partners With Blimpie

In these tough economic times, more and more consumers are choosing to recreate a restaurant sandwich at home. Lansing, Ill.-based Land O'Frost partners with Blimpie to offer the restaurant chain's signature meats in Sub Sandwich Kits for consumers across the country.
By teaming up with a reputable restaurant brand like Blimpie, Land O'Frost offers consumers an opportunity to make and enjoy their favorite restaurant sandwich at home. Land O'Frost offers the four signature meats of Blimpie's most famous sandwich, Blimpie Best, in its Sub Sandwich Kit product. Making six sandwiches, the kit contains Prosciutto Cotto Ham, Smoked Ham, Capacola Ham and Salami all interleaved with parchment paper for ease of separation and portion control. The product is gluten free and offers 14g of protein per serving.
"We are excited to partner with Blimpie and bring their signature sandwich into the homes of our consumers," says David VanEekeren, president and CEO, Land O'Frost.
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