Mystic Harvest Revolutionizes Snack Foods

South Beloit, Ill.-based Axium Foods, a division of McCleary Inc., revolutionizes the snack food aisle with the introduction of Mystic Harvest, all-natural tortilla chips that leverage the extraordinary – and little-known – ancient health benefits of purple corn.

Mystic Harvest's first two products offer a compelling reason for increasingly health-conscious consumers to shop the snack food aisle thanks to their central ingredient, Suntava Purple Corn, a certified non-GMO hybrid grown to deliver consistent color, texture, distinctive taste and quality and delivers one of Mother Nature's deepest, most vibrant purple hues and the highest level of nutritional properties. The chips also contain an average of 63 percent more fiber and 20 percent more protein than blue corn tortilla chips, as well as seven of the nine essential amino acids. Mystic Harvest Authentic

Mystic Harvest's Authentic Tortilla Chips with Sea Salt (gluten-free) and Multi-Grain Tortilla Chips pack a 25 percent more powerful antioxidant punch than a serving of blueberries based on their ORAC score. Anthocyanins, the naturally occurring pigments responsible for the corn's rich purple color, are powerful antioxidants. ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) measures the antioxidant value of foods; the higher the ORAC score, the higher the level of antioxidants in the food. Mystic Harvest Purple Corn Tortilla Chips have an ORAC score of 6,000.

"We created the Mystic Harvest brand upon a foundation of stringent values that ensure all products in the line deliver better-for-you nutritional benefits to consumers," says Jerry Stokely, president of Axium Foods. "Purple corn is a super food with concentrated levels of one of nature's most potent antioxidants. Now we're bringing this bounty of nature to U.S. consumers in a snack chip."

Suggested retail price per bag is $3.39.
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