Natural Bliss Adds Low Fat Variety

Glendale, Calif.- Based Nestle USA's Coffee-mate brand introduced Natural Bliss, one of our favorite products of the year in 2011, with only four simple 100% natural ingredients: milk, cream, sugar and natural flavor, in three delicious flavors -- Vanilla, Caramel, and Sweet Cream.  -- and silky texture.

The line has been a great success, so Nestle adds another variety, Natural Bliss Low-Fat Vanilla,  which contains non-fat milk, cream, sugar, natural flavor, and a natural thickener to keep the creaminess and silky texture java lovers have come to expect from Coffee-mate. It boasts only 20 calories per serving (40 percent less than its predecessor), and the slimmer flavor is also lower in fat (only 1g per serving) and has 40 percent less sugar. And I accidentally discovered one day when I was in a pinch, that it is great for cooking and baking too. But that's our secret.

Suggested retail price for a16-oz bottle is $2.69.
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