Nescafe Memento Has Consumers Saying Bye, Bye Barista

Nescafe, a brand of Glendale, Calif.-based Nestle USA, has coffee houses steaming with envy -- and coffee lovers saying bye-bye to their barista – with the introduction of Nescafe Memento, an expertly crafted line of foaming, single-serve café beverages giving java lovers a true coffee house experience at home, in the office, or on-the-go. The small powder pack unlocks creamy cappuccinos -- simply by adding hot water.  At 54 cents per drink, Memento is an incentive to give up your daily coffee house addiction and save hundreds of dollars per year.

Devoted caffeine connoisseurs can find them in the coffee aisle. While many coffee house creations are chock full of calories, Nescafe Memento's affordable, guilt-free single-serve packets compute to 100 calories per 8-oz cup.  Made with real coffee, milk and sugar, there are three enticing flavors -- Caramel Latte, creamy Cappuccino and rich chocolate Mocha.                                                    

Nescafe Memento features long-lasting coffee house quality flavor and foam, and as any cappuccino lover will tell you, the foam makes all the difference.  "Until now, instant cappuccinos, lattes and mochas haven't been able to match the standard of the barista-prepared café creation," says Sarah Johnson, marketing manager, Nescafe.  "With Nescafe's new Instant Foaming Technology, consumers can enjoy instant cappuccinos and lattes with real, frothy, awe-inspiring foam that lasts until the final sip."

Suggested retail price for a box of eight packets is $4.29.
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