Pace Restaurant Style Salsas Heat Up the Salsa Aisle

Camden, N.J.-based Campbell Soup Co. adds three new Restaurant Style Salsas to its Pace Mexican sauce portfolio. Each of the all-natural, gluten free salsas is inspired by the flavors and textures found in authentic Mexican restaurants and are intended to appeal to people who want to enjoy a dining-out experience in the comfort of their own homes.

Varieties include: Garden Pepper, a blend of bell peppers, jalapenos and lime; Garlic & Lime Verde, made with tomatillos and a touch of garlic and lime; and Southwest Chipotle, a chipotle chili puree with crushed tomatoes, red peppers and onions.

To create its new line of salsas, Campbell selected popular taste profiles based upon on-going consumer research and input from Campbell's chefs. While each of the new salsas remains true to the Pace brand's heritage of using fresh, hand-picked jalapenos, the new items replicate the familiar texture celebrated by restaurant goers.

"Consumer demand for bold and fresh flavors is strong in the salsa category, and our new restaurant style salsas should appeal to both our most loyal Pace salsa fans, as well as to those people who enjoy sampling a wide array of salsa flavors and styles," says Randy Beck, brand manager-Pace. "By tapping into the increased interest in bringing the restaurant experience home, we believe the Pace brand will lead a fast-growing category segment."

At shelf, each of the Pace Restaurant Style salsas will feature a newly designed product label that clearly communicates each variety's main ingredients. "We know our restaurant style salsas must stand out from both the balance of our Pace portfolio," says Beck, "as well as from what is often described as a 'sea of red' in some parts of the country, where the salsa category is particularly well developed and competitive."

Suggested retail price for a 16-oz bottle is $2.99.