Sara Lee Entices Consumers with Individually-Packaged Pound Cakes

Sara Lee Corp., Downers Grove, Ill., introduces Sara Lee Pound Cake Slices, a convenient and delicious way to enjoy one of the company's most popular desserts. Each single-serve, pre-cut pound cake slice is portioned and individually packaged to ensure freshness and rich flavor for personal desserts or on-the-go snacking. They're available nationally in Original and Double Chocolate flavors (with six slices per package).

What a great idea! With no cutting required, the slices are ready to eat immediately after thawing in the refrigerator or heating in a microwave for 10-15 seconds. Individually wrapped to produce a moist, portable dessert, they deliver a hearty snack with only 160 calories and 180 calories per serving.

"As people's lives have gotten busier, on-the-go and conveniently portioned snacking options have gained popularity," says Kanika White, senior brand manager for Sara Lee Sweet Goods. "It's important we understand what people want when it comes to snacking, while not compromising the great taste and homemade quality people expect and love about our Sara Lee Pound Cakes. The new Sara Lee Pound Cake Slices give people … the ability to snack simply wherever they please, any time of the day."

Suggested retail price is $3.99.

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