Sara Lee Adds Lemon Pound Cake And Updates Butter Pound Cake

Hillshire Brands Co., Downers Grove, Ill., launches Sara Lee Lemon Pound Cake, the first new pound cake loaf from the brand in more than a decade, as well as updating its famous Butter Pound Cake, which is now more moist. Based on research, consumers prefer the updated, moister Butter Pound Cake, which retains the same homemade taste as its predecessor.

"Sara Lee brand produces America's favorite frozen pound cake, and we're in the process of expanding upon its rich heritage by providing new and delicious varieties we hope will become household favorites," says Kanika White, senior brand manager of Sara Lee Desserts. "Our new Lemon Pound Cake is a twist on an American classic -- it tastes great alone or is delicious dressed up with fresh berries and a little whipped cream."

"The Sara Lee Pound Cake portfolio now consists of Sara Lee Lemon Pound Cake, Sara Lee Butter Pound Cake and Sara Lee Light & Dreamy Pound Cake. That last one, newly named, contains 80 calories per serving, zero cholesterol and 55 percent less fat than Butter Pound Cake. There also is Sara Lee Pound Cake Slices, single-serve and pre-cut pound cake slices in Original and Double Chocolate, portioned and individually packaged to ensure freshness and rich flavor.

Suggested retail price for the regular size (10.75-oz.) is $3.99 and $5.39 for the family size (16-oz.).

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