Smart Balance Spreadable Butters With Plant Sterols

Paramus, N.J. –based Smart Balance Inc. introduces a line of creamy spreadable butters. With a taste like regular butter but 40 percent less saturated fat, Smart Balance Spreadable Butter is made using a unique blend of butter and canola oil, plus EPA/DHA & ALA Omega-3s and a naturally sourced ingredient, plant sterols, which helps block the cholesterol in the butter. With 0g trans fat, it does not contain any hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils.

Varieties, which come in 7.5-oz containers, include: Smart Balance Butter & Canola Oil Blend; Smart Balance Light Butter & Canola Oil Blend; and Smart Balance Butter & Canola and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Blend.

"We're excited to produce another flavorful, high quality product in support of those seeking a heart healthier lifestyle," says Steve Hughes, Smart Balance chairman and CEO. "These spreadable butters combine great taste with added benefits in a soft butter that's easy to spread."