Frito-Lay Introduces Two New Varieties of Tostitos Artisan Recipes

Appealing to the ever-evolving American palate, Plano, Texas-based Frito-Lay division of PepsiCo, adds two flavors to its Tostitos Artisan Recipes brand, originally introduced in late 2010. Tostitos Artisan Recipes Baked Three Cheese Queso and Toasted Southwestern Spices flavored tortilla chips are made with a nine-grain blend and real ingredients, like roasted garlic, a blend of three cheeses, and spices like red pepper and cumin that are mixed in before cooking for a truly unique flavor you can see and taste.

Social and cultural shifts have fueled the adventuresome culinary trend, as increased interest in ethnic cuisines has translated into consumers looking for new and exotic flavors. In fact, Global Industry Analysts predict that global demand for spices will reach 5.3 billion pounds by 2017, sparked by the appeal for new spices and flavors, fascination in ethnic cuisine and increased use in convenience foods. These factors are compounded by demographic shifts, including baby boomers' attraction to powerful flavors that can inspire their experienced, well-traveled taste buds.

"Whether dining out or relaxing at home with that special someone, consumers are looking to be inspired by their food," says Jody Denton, culinary expert at Frito-Lay North America's Flavor Kitchen, one of the company's key flavor development centers. "Consumers' tastes are becoming more sophisticated and adventurous than ever before, so we crafted the new Tostitos Artisan Recipe flavors to answer that call by layering ingredients, like multiple cheeses and spices, to add depth that comes through from the very first bite."

Suggested retail price for a 9-3/4 oz. bag is $3.99.
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