Van Drunen Farms Introduces Freeze-dried Kale

At one time, kale was regarded as a garnish; but today, this hardy and bold-tasting vegetable is making its way to the center of the plate. Individually Quick Frozen and Freeze-dried Kale from Van Drunen Farms helps to conveniently create nutritious products for your customers.

In recent years, healthy eating has gotten a lot of buzz, and people are making changes that fit into healthier lifestyles. As consumers are considering new, better-for-you options, kale is becoming a popular pick. This leafy green is high in vitamins A, C and K, and is an excellent source of calcium, antioxidants and fiber. This vitamin- and mineral-packed superfood aids in promoting normal eye, liver, bone, and digestive health, and helps to support a strong immune system.

IQF and Freeze-dried Kale from Van Drunen Farms is offered in conventional or organic forms, and is grown in VDF's own fields in Momence, Illinois.

Product Type:
Fruits, nuts, vegetables
Van Drunen Farms