Individually Quick Frozen Garlic Provides Convenience for Processors and Consumers

Van Drunen Farms' Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) Garlic can be used for adding to Italian favorites such as garlic bread, bruschetta, pasta sauces; it also fares well in Asian foods through sauces and stir-frys.

According to the manufacturer, IQF Garlic pairs especially well with ginger, tomato and onion, and can stand up to strong flavors. Additional applications include: hummus, dips, dressings, as well as adding to fresh seasoning blends, and for flavoring olive oil.
The IQF process allows for VDF to deliver a product that works like the natural ingredient, and retain fresh flavor and piece identity. The garlic is available diced, sliced, in whole cloves, and a frozen purée. Oven-roasted and fire-roasted versions are also available.  The IQF Garlic is also available Organic Certified and Kosher Certified.
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