Weight Watchers Offers Grab and Go Meal Options

Recent statistics show the $121 billion bought-sandwich market is expected to grow by 3 percent, according to Packaged Facts.

"Research shows us that U.S. sandwich consumption is 4.1 sandwiches per person per week (or 200 per year) and 41 percent of sandwiches are bought outside of the home," says Chris Solly, VP licensed brands at Newburyport, Mass.-based Greencore USA. "Also, the IDDBA’s study 'Consumers in the Deli: Attitudes, Buying Behavior, & Purchase Drivers,' found nearly two-thirds of respondents said they were making a serious effort to cut back on fat, and over half said they were trying to cut back on calories, trans fats, sugar, sodium or carbohydrates. Overlay our own research, and we came to the realization that many consumers would like a Weight Watchers version of their lunch."

To that end, Weight Watchers, the registered trademark of WW Foods LLC, under license by Greencore USA, created eight Weight Watchers Grab & Go options. They include two Weight Watchers sandwiches -- Turkey or Roast Beef; two wraps -- Turkey & Cheddar or Chicken in BBQ Sauce; and four salads -- Turkey BLT, Southwest Chicken, Chicken Caesar and Chef Salad, all served in a unique package with crisp greens and a blend of salad toppings such as cheeses, salsas, egg, beans, corn and lean cuts of chicken and turkey. Each salad includes a dressing packet, and each variety has a 6 to 7 PointsPlus value with dressing, or fewer without. The sandwiches and wraps are served on wheat or Lavash bread, containing a mix of fresh salad items, lean meats and cheeses. Some have a dressing, and each sandwich has a 6 PointsPlus value.

The new PointsPlus program goes beyond calories, taking into account the ingredients that make up calories – protein, carbohydrates, fat and fiber – and factoring how hard the body works to process them (conversion cost) as well as their respective eating satisfaction (satiety). Also listed on the packaging are calories, grams of fat, fiber and protein.

Suggested retail price of the sandwiches and wraps is $3.99, and salads are $4.99.