Brioni's Coffee Company Introduces Fiber-Enriched Coffee

Brioni's Coffee Company, Glastonbury, Conn., introduces a first to the U.S. marketplace: fiber-enriched coffee. New Brioni's Healthy Morning Coffee is a rich and healthy blend of premium coffee that contains the natural prebiotic fiber inulin. Healthy Morning is the first coffee to provide digestive health benefits while delivering the savory taste of a luxurious cup of coffee.

Digestive health is a leading trend in the food and beverage industry and it is a known fact that most people are not getting an adequate amount of fiber intake in their daily diet. Today's consumers are looking for new ways to obtain their daily requirement of fiber and bridge the so called "fiber-gap."

Brioni's Healthy Morning Coffee delivers 4 grams of fiber per brewed 12-oz. cup. The product is a rich, savory coffee blend available in five flavors: Dark Roast, Medium Roast, Light Roast, Hazelnut and Decaffeinated.

The beans are sold in 12-oz. bags for about $7.99.

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