Caravan Ingredients' Ultra Fresh Sweet Helps Baked Goods Stay Fresher Longer

Caravan Ingredients has introduced Ultra Fresh Sweet, an affordable, high performing alternative to simple enzymes, gums, starches and sugars.

Ultra Fresh Sweet creates from one day to 45 days or more of high eating quality, with smooth, tender and resilient crumb texture in a variety of products including yeast-raised donuts, sheet cakes, cupcakes, pastries and muffins. This extended freshness capability allows for expanded retail distribution possibilities, fuller shelves for enhanced selling opportunities, reduced stales and increased sales resulting from an extended sales window.

For commercial manufacturers, the longer freshness cycle offers more dwell time in the warehouse as well as in transit. It also provides higher quality through freeze-and-thaw cycles.

Ultra Fresh Sweet is available in the same Classic, Premium and Supreme product lines as the original Ultra Fresh.

Product Type:
Sugar & sweeteners
Corbion Caravan