Caribou Coffee Company Introduces Two New Whole Bean Coffees

Caribou Coffee Company has introduced two new whole bean coffees: Colombia Cosecha de Oro and Traveler's Roast. These new light and medium roasts, respectively, were designed to help fans enjoy more tastes from the large spectrum of flavors that they offer while delivering Caribou's signature coffee experience.

Cosecha de Oro means "golden harvest" in Spanish. This coffee features caramel notes with hints of subtle vanilla and sweet fruit flavors.

Traveler's Roast is juicy and complex with dark chocolate qualities and a syrup-like body that has a silky, smooth finish. The launch of these new coffees comes on the heels of the coffeehouse's 20th anniversary celebration.

Like all Caribou coffees and espresso, both coffees are Rainforest Alliance Certified.

The 12-ounce whole bean bags retail for about $8.99.
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