Carrington Farms Coconut Liquid Cooking Oil

Carrington Co., Oradell, N.J., introduces Carrington Farms Coconut Liquid Cooking Oil.

A first-of-its-kind, this versatile cooking oil is targeted to healthy cooking enthusiasts, dieters and families for a variety of purposes, including cooking, sautéing and baking. It is flavorless and odorless, and according to the company, coconut cooking oil is the healthiest oil on the market today. It is naturally rich in medium chain triglycerides, which are known for being efficiently utilized by the body for energy production and aiding in calorie burning. The oil even has a higher heat-point than traditional olive oils.

Available exclusively at Walmart in 16-fluid-oz. BPA-free bottled, this oil is all natural, gluten free, hexane free, non-GMO, non-hydrogenated, and contains no solvents or trans fatty acids.