FMC BioPolymer reveals its health and nutrition product portfolio

FMC BioPolymer has announced its health and nutrition product portfolio, a complement of nature-based nutritional solutions for the food ingredient, supplement and cosmetic markets.

There are four key health and nutrition products:

The maquiberry, harvested from Patagonia in South America, is a small, purple super fruit with antioxidant properties. This berry is given the highest ORAC rating as measured by Brunswick labs, an indication of its ability to fight free radicals. MaQBerry brand extract is available in powder and liquid form and is mildly processed so that it preserves access to polyphenols.

Nutraesterol is a blend of unesterified plant sterols and stanols (phytosterols) obtained from tall oil and dispersing agents. Plant sterols have been shown to inhibit cholesterol absorption in the intestine, thereby lowering cholesterol levels in the blood. The Nutraesterol water-dispersible powder formula has been specially developed to overcome the solubility issues faced in product development when incorporating into aqueous food formulations.

Nutricol HN Glucomannan is a natural, soluble dietary fiber with one of the highest molecular weights of any polysaccharide available in the global food supplement market.  A body of research has shown Nutricol HN Glucomannan is a good source of dietary fiber that helps manage body weight and maintain normal cholesterol levels¬2.

Protasea Fucoidan is a brown seaweed extract. This naturally derived extract provides immune health technology available for new product development in select global food supplement, pharmaceutical and cosmetic markets. FMC BioPolymer has pioneered a patent pending process for obtaining high purity fucoidan up to 95%.

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Botanical extracts
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