Van Drunen Farms Introduces Freeze-Dried Lime Powder

Freeze-dried Lime Powder from Van Drunen Farms (VDF) adds a tart, citrus burst to many consumer favorites.

Use Freeze-dried Lime Powder to flavor gelatin products, sorbets, smoothies, cake mixes and in powder drink mixes. For savory applications, try it for flavoring tortilla chips, snacks, soups, chili, sauces, salad dressings, condiments, marinades, seasoning mixes and rubs. While the distinct flavor of lime is often used in American comfort foods, such as Cajun cooking or classic lime desserts, lime is also an important ingredient in a multitude of ethnic foods, too. This product helps food manufacturers and chefs easily add authentic lime flavor to a variety of cuisines including Middle Eastern, Indian, Thai and Mexican foods.

Additionally, citrus flavors are often used to reduce the amount of salt used in a dish, so this product works to add flavor without overdoing the sodium. Using this product can add a kick to bland food, too, and may help to balance flavors in other dishes. While this product is suitable for adding to foods, Freeze-dried Lime Powder also works well for nutritional supplements and holistic medicines.

Product Type:
Fruits, nuts, vegetables
Van Drunen Farms