Fuchs Seasonings and Flavor Bases Celebrate Regional Barbecue

Fuchs North America has introduced a new line of seasonings and flavor bases inspired by the rich and varied traditions of regional barbecue in the United States. These BBQ bases are the starting point for developing unique custom product offerings for foodservice customers, as well as processed food products for the grocery and retail food segments.
Included in Fuchs' newly-introduced Regional BBQ seasoning lineup are the following base flavor profiles:

  • Louisiana Bayou Bite Rub - A spicy rub with hints of Louisiana hot sauce, brown sugar, ketchup, smoked red bell peppers and molasses.
  • Texas Mop - Delivering Texas taste, featuring spicy chili pepper and smoked paprika blended with traditional regional spices like cumin and coriander, plus bell pepper, Worcestershire sauce and beer.
  • Alabama-Style White BBQ Sauce - In a major departure from the traditional tomato- or vinegar-based barbecue recipes, this unique inclusion is used with mayonnaise.  Its slightly smoky base begins with sweet-tart flavors from apple juice and tangy apple cider... then joined by spicy horseradish and white pepper.
  • Kentucky Black Sauce - This rich, sweet and tangy sauce is best used to cut the fat on heavy pieces of dark meat.  It is particularly successful for barbecue lamb dishes.  Its heavy, sweet, brown aromatics come from a complex blend of vinegar, Worcestershire sauce and other special ingredients.
  • New Mexican Chocolate-Chili BBQ Rub - An intriguing blend of dark unsweetened cocoa, tomato and heavy chili makes this sweet, smoky and slightly spicy rub good for finishing meats, or when used as a rub for slow-cooking recipes.
  • Cali-Que - Sweet citrus and smoky chili married with apple cider vinegar make this a fresh and different marinade and roasting rub.
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