Hinds-Bock Introduces Icer/Glazer

The Hinds-Bock Icer/Glazer applies string icing and waterfall curtain icing onto a wide variety of panned and un-panned products.  The icer uses a double-walled heated and agitated tank with high quality, variable frequency pump and filter assembly.  An oscillating icing head is used for string icing and an adjustable waterfall trough is used for curtain icing.  The conveyor uses a two-part pass through wire mesh conveyor with catch pans and an optional removable center belt section is used for icing small un-panned products.

The conveyor hinges up, away from the icer for easy cleaning and loading of icing.  The construction is rugged, high quality stainless. Adjustable oscillating icing head and waterfall trough. Heated, agitated double wall icing tank.

Other features include: By-pass to prevent icing from solidifying.  Computer controlled.  Variable speed conveyor.  Two piece roll away design.  Catch pans on conveyor.  PIC control.  Variable frequency drive for conveyor, oscillating head and pump.  Left and right hand versions.

Product Type:
Conveying equipment