Honest Tea Introduces Honest Splash Juice Drinks

Honest Tea now offers a line of better-for-you juice drinks targeted to older kids. The 70-calorie Honest Splash drinks are sweetened only with organic fruit juice and contain 30-31 percent juice. They come in reclosable 12-fluid-oz. recyclable plastic bottles and are sold individually and in six-bottle packages.

Honest Splash comes in three varieties: Berry Good Lemonade, Goodness Grapeness and Super Fruit Punch.

The new beverage line is an evolution of the Honest Kids brand, which accounts for more than one-third of Honest Tea's total business. "Honest Splash is a great fit for older kids, or kids on the go, who need the convenience of a larger, reclosable container," says Honest Tea's co-founder and TeaEO Seth Goldman. "It still meets the needs of parents who want to provide lower-sugar beverages."

Through the innovative blending of various fruit and vegetable juices, along with filtered water, natural flavors and acidulants, formulators developed a beverage that meets the American Beverage Assn.'s School Beverage Guidelines for High Schools while still appealing to the taste buds of tweens and teens. These guidelines permit drinks with 66 calories per 8 fluid oz. (up to 12 fluid oz.) to be sold in high schools.

The six-packs have been available exclusively at Target since mid-March at an everyday price of $5.49. They will roll out to other retailers starting in July

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