Ingredion's Dolcerra Trims Sugar Without Compromising Taste

Using Dial-In Texture and Sweetness Technology, the Dolcerra system was created to allow beverage producers to capitalize on consumer trends for reduced-sugar and calorie fruit juices while still delivering the taste and texture of full sugar juices. The system allows formulators to trim as much as half the sugar content in juices containing up to 25% fruit juice without compromising the consumer drinking experience.

An important component of the new product is a unique natural mineral flavor modulator that works synergistically with other ingredients to provide the roundness of flavor consumers find so appealing in full-sugar juices. The Dolcerra system is available as clean-label, adding to overall product consumer appeal.

The Dolcerra texture and sweetness system has been shown to be effective in a broad range of juices and juice drinks, including orange, lemonade, grapefruit, mango and blended acidic juices.

Product Type:
Sugar & sweeteners