Key Technology unveils new Product Definer

Key Technology has unveiled its new Product Definer, an instrument located in its customer visitor center. This proprietary hyperspectral imaging spectrometer helps Key quickly analyze and evaluate new applications and technologies. The Product Definer speeds Key’s ability to tailor the ideal intelligent sorting system, to optimize sort performance and enhance return on investment.

The Product Definer allows Key to develop a detailed understanding of the characteristics of customers’ products, defects, and foreign material. Unlike the single point spectrometers traditionally used, Key’s Product Definer gathers data from thousands of wavelengths simultaneously, capturing images from the visible range and beyond. In addition to hyperspectral imaging data, the Product Definer collects data about objects’ fluorescence. The images are saved, creating a spectral library of objects’ unique signatures and fingerprints.

Collecting this data expands Key’s knowledge base and fuels the development of new sorting solutions.

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Key Technology