Beech-Nut Launches Line Of Baby Food In Traditional Latin Flavors

A recent study from Beech-Nut Nutrition indicated that two-thirds of U.S. Hispanic moms are not satisfied with their baby food options and wish there were more traditional ethnic offerings. Armed with this information, and the fact that one-fourth of all births in America are to Hispanics, the company partnered with Goya Foods to launch a line of authentic Latin-flavored baby foods.

"Our research shows that Hispanic moms have been waiting for just such an offering, which combines the authentic, traditional Latin flavors Goya is famous for with Beech-Nut's nutritious, natural ingredients free of preservatives," says Jeff Boutelle, Beech-Nut president. "Our products are as close as possible to homemade, and that's very important to Hispanic families."

The new line includes 22 products, 19 of which are eligible for the subsidized supplemental nutrition program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC). Products range from dried cereal mixes in varieties such as Rice with Mango to jarred foods designed for various eating stages. For example, there's Stage 1 Beef and Chicken with Broth, and Stage 2 Apple Guava. The Stage 2½ category includes products with increased texture, such as Rice Pudding with Raisins.

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