Lean Cuisine Rolls Out Heat-and-Eat Salad Toppers

Envision grilled white meat chicken with broccoli, edamame, pineapple and yellow and orange carrots, all steamed to perfection with sweet and savory sesame ginger vinaigrette and topped with crispy noodles. That is the Asian-Style Chicken variety of new Lean Cuisine Salad Additions from Nestle USA, Solon, Ohio. The other three varieties of this frozen, heat-and-eat entrée salad topper line are: Bistro Chicken Salad, Cranberry and Chicken Salad and Southwest-Style Chicken Salad.

Merchandised alongside other Lean Cuisine products in retailers' freezer cases, these meal-worthy salad combinations make only one request: Bring your own lettuce! They allow consumers to enjoy restaurant-quality salads at home or in the office, without the restaurant price tag.

"For Lean Cuisine Salad Additions, we wanted to think beyond the traditional," says Mike Niethammer, director of marketing. "These entrees are the first of their kind in the frozen aisle. The combination of mouth-watering chicken and vegetables, culinary-inspired dressings and crunchy toppings paired with your choice of fresh crisp lettuce makes for a truly modern dining experience."

The chicken and vegetables are packaged together in a steamer bag, which allows for quick warming in the microwave. The dressing and crunchy toppings are each separately packaged, allowing consumers to customize their creations. Lettuce suggestions are made on the package to ensure a culinary experience.

Each pack (7- to 8-oz. box) of Lean Cuisine Salad Additions serves one, and ranges from 240-280 calories. The suggested retail price is $3.99.

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