Powder-Solutions introduces BFM fittings

BFM fittings are designed to replace standard flexible sleeves held in place with hose clamps.  BFM fittings are engineered to provide improved sanitation, tool-free installation and removal, and pressure shock resistance. Their snap-in design eliminates pinch points and gaps, preventing the leaks, gaps and premature sleeve wear that are common in sleeves secured with hose clamps.  BFM fittings can be quickly installed and removed, and are suitable for offset, vibrating and oscillating equipment.  Their smooth, crevice-free interior doesn’t trap powders like conventional sleeves.  Offered in a wide variety of materials, diameters, and lengths, the BFM fitting can be used in any industry where flexible hose couplings are required.
Product Type:
Powders & solids
Powder-Solutions, Inc.