Lucerne Plus Protein Dairy Beverage Pumps the Protein and Cuts the Sugar of Regular Milk

Safeway Inc. has introduced private-label Lucerne Plus Protein Dairy Beverage. This line of protein-enhanced dairy drinks comes in three varieties, all of which contain more protein and less sugar than traditional milk.

The Reduced-Fat Chocolate variety contains 40 percent more protein and 45 percent less sugar than reduced-fat chocolate milk. The two white varieties - fat free and reduced fat - both contain 30 percent less sugar than their regular milk counterparts, with the fat-free variety also having 30 percent more protein, while the reduced-fat variety has 60 percent more protein.

All three varieties are based on nonfat milk, which has been filtered to concentrate the protein and remove the sugar. The result is a nutritious dairy beverage that is satisfying by the glass as well as poured over cereal. It can also be used in baking, for making smoothies and in any recipe that calls for milk.

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