Sensient Colors Introduces First Complete Green and Blue Color Spectrum

Sensient Colors LLC has announced the industry's first complete color spectrum of clean label, bright and stable natural blues and greens permitted in the US for use in food and beverages.

Sensient's expanded natural blue and green offering includes Spirulina, a natural color source that delivers clean bright blue and green shades.  Spirulina has recently been approved by the FDA for use in chewing gum and confectionery applications in the US.  While Spirulina fulfills some of the natural blue color needs in the US market, its application use is limited.  Sensient provides two additional natural blue sources.  These new alternatives can be more economical and more effective across many applications in dairy, processed foods, baking, beverage and confection.

Sensient's natural blue platform can replicate the bold shades of certified colors and offer additional appealing natural colors ranging from blueberry to sky blue, vibrant emerald to clean mint green, and intense grape to soft pastel lavender purple.  They are available in different delivery systems including liquid, powder and dispersion forms.  Sensient's new colors have proven to be extremely pH, light and heat stable.

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Sensient Technologies Corporation