The NoOodle Co. Rolls Out Heat-and-Eat Calorie-Free Noodle Products

Terri Rogers, a trailblazing culinary entrepreneur and CEO of Chicago-based The NoOodle Co., has developed low-calorie, ready-to-eat angel hair pasta entrees and soups. A few years ago, Rogers pioneered the all-natural superfood NoOodle, a no-calorie, gluten-free pasta alternative based on yam-based flour. The flour is packed with glucomannan, an all-natural soluble fiber that slows digestion and traps cholesterol and fat from being absorbed by the body. This magical noodle contains no fat, sugar, starch, soy or preservatives. It's a pasta alternative used by celebrity chefs and home cooks to get a noodle-like consistency without the guilt.

The new shelf-stable products include Tomato Infused Angel Hair and Chicken Flavor Infused Angel Hair. Ready in 3 min. in the microwave, a serving contains a mere 20 calories. Two other recent entries include Chicken Noodle Soup, which is chicken and fresh vegetables in a natural chicken broth, and Tomato & Risotto Soup, which is diced tomatoes, spinach and basil in tomato juice. The hearty soups contain 50 calories per serving. Each box of the new ready-to-eat NoOodle products contains two servings and is priced at $5.99.

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