Tofurky Introduces Vegan Prepared Foods and Meals

Recently, Tofurky made its way into a variety of vegan prepared foods and meals, including pot pie, quiche and pocket-style sandwiches. The pot pie comes in a Chick'N variety. The 7.5-oz. single-serve pie contains 440 calories, 24g of fat and 11g of protein. The 7.5-oz. Sausage and Veggie Quiche contains 450 calories, 22g of fat and 23g of protein. The pockets come in three varieties: BBQ Chick'N, Pepperoni Pizza and Turk'y Broccoli and Cheddar. Each 8-oz. box contains two pockets, with each pocket containing 270-300 calories, 4-6g of fat and 6-10g of protein, depending on variety. All of the products are microwaveable.
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