Tribe Extra Smooth Hummus Boasts Extra Touch of Tahini for Spreading

Tribe Mediterranean Foods, Taunton, Mass., says that its new Tribe Extra Smooth Classic Hummus is perfect for spreading on sandwiches. To obtain the smoother, creamier consistency, the company adds a touch more tahini as well as some secret ingredients to the recipe.

In launching this new version of its classic hummus, the folks at Tribe are hoping consumers will start spreading as much as they are dipping. A custom research study commissioned by the company showed that 60 percent of hummus consumers always dip, while only 22 percent always spread. The Tribe team found that to get more consumers to spread, the hummus would need to have a smoother texture. Hummus that was too thick resulted in annoying ripping and shredding of the wrap or bread.

The product has a suggested retail price of $3.49.