Westminster Bakers Co. Introduces Bite-Sized Seasoned Snack Crackers

Adults under 45 years old claim they have busier lifestyles than Baby Boomers and seniors, making snack foods far more common due to their portability and convenience. Snacking is so integral to the lifestyle of Millennials (adults under age 30), that market research firm Packaged Facts, Rockville, Md., considers them a driving force that will propel the U.S. snack market to sales of $77 billion by 2015.

Westminster Bakers Co., Rutland, Vt., is actively pursuing this demographic with its new line of Seasoned Snack Crackers in convenient 1.5-oz single-serve bags. Flavors are designed for more a sophisticated palate, and include Chipotle Ranch, Parmesan Peppercorn and White Cheddar Romano. Each pack contains about 14 crackers and provides 66 calories.

The crackers are available in many pack types to accommodate all food channels, including a 72-count vending pack, a 24-count pre-hung convenience-store clip strip, a nine-count retail tray, and even a 24-count assortment pack for club stores.

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