Bistro Bowl Salad Wrap Kits Debut in Produce Departments

Coming off the success of its Bistro Salad Bowl line, Ready Pac Foods Inc. is taking the fresh single-serve segment to the next level with more produce-based complete meal solutions. New Bistro Bowl Wrap Kits come in six restaurant-inspired varieties. They are: Buffalo Style Chicken, Chicken Bacon Ranch, Chicken Caesar, Garlic & Herb Caesar, Thai Peanut Crunch and Turkey Avocado Ranch. Each wrap kit features fresh produce, artisan tortillas, protein and flavorful sauce. The kits come in large bowls filled with lettuce, with a compartmentalized tray sitting on top that holds the various fresh ingredients. Since the ingredients are kept separate, the wrap is built fresh by the consumer, making “soggy wrap syndrome” a thing of the past. Each kit is 300 calories or less.

In addition, the company has added three new Chopped Salad concepts to its menu of Bistro-authentic single-serve salads. They are: Chopped Italian, Chopped Kale Apple and Chopped Kickin’ BBQ. They all feature chopped ingredients to deliver a restaurant-style experience.