Bosco's Iconic Chocolate Syrup Gets Major Makeover

Some consumers grew up with it. Others know it from Seinfeld or as Shrek’s favorite drink. The product is Bosco, America’s most beloved chocolate syrup and an iconic American brand making a major comeback with new packaging, new flavors and nationwide distribution for the first time in 35 years.

The company is adding two trendy flavors to the line--Sea Salt Caramel and Fudge Brownie--all in new packaging and with a major marketing initiative. Bosco is used in milk, on ice cream and more. In fact, it was originally created in 1928 by a physician who wanted a healthy and delicious milk enhancer.

The company worked with formulator Gus Rancatore who is best known for his world famous ice cream store Toscanini’s in Cambridge, Mass. The New York Times called Toscanini’s “the world’s best ice cream.” Rancatore is not only known for his unique flavors, but the taste and quality, as well.

“Retailers were asking for new flavors and we had some ideas, and we brought in Gus Rancatore to add his expertise,” says Scott Sanders, vice president, Bosco. “The result is contemporary and delicious and we know these are hits.”

In addition to the new flavors, Bosco fans will notice the updated packaging. While paying homage to its roots, the new packaging also emphasizes the health benefits to the brand and might be more recognizable to baby boomers, the original Bosco fans.

“Grandparents are always looking for ways to connect with their grandchildren and certainly one way is over food,” says Sanders. “We frequently receive emails about how Bosco creates bonding moments over chocolate, chocolate milk and sundaes.”

Made with natural cocoa and enhanced with B vitamins, the new flavors come in 15-oz. plastic bottles with a suggested retail price of $1.99 to $2.49.