Edoughble Egg-Free Ready-to-Eat Cookie Dough

New Edoughble from the Los Angeles-based namesake company celebrates the love of eating cookie dough right from the spoon. Just as the name implies, Edoughble cookie dough is made specifically for those who prefer to forgo the oven and eat cookie dough in its perfect, unbaked form. Each flavor is made with an original, time-perfected edible recipe that includes high end mix-ins such as Callebaut dark chocolate chunks, homemade vanilla bean frosting, chocolate and shortbread cookie crumbles, and candied toasted almonds but importantly leaves out the eggs, preservatives and artificial ingredients the store-bought stuff contains. Edoughble’s cookie dough collection debuted with an array of eight varieties: Birthday Bash, Chocolate Chip Off the Ol’ Block, Cocoa-Nuts, Cookies & Dream, Nuts for Chocolate, S’More Please, Strawberry Jammin’ and Stuck on You PB&J.

Edoughble launched just in time for the holiday season with web-only sales. The dough does not require refrigeration but is best held at cooler temperatures. The price is $8 to $10 per 8-oz. tub.

Edoughble Egg Free Cookie Dough
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