FB Chain Tastes Success with Food and Beverage Conveyor Solutions

FB Chains are designed to be corrosion-resistant chains specifically for the food and beverage industries. FB Chain’s plastic combination (PC) chain is constructed from food-grade engineering plastic inner links, supported by 304 grade stainless steel bearing pins and outer link plates. The PC chain matches the strength of standard stainless steel chain but is made to have a much lower friction co-efficient. The PC chain is also built to be quieter and lighter. The plastic inner link is constructed to ensure that there is no food residue trapped between the chain components in wash down applications.

FB Chain’s PC chain is available in food-grade blue. A general purpose white engineering plastic is also available, with both versions supplied in sizes 3/8” to ¾” pitch. The company is able to supply a wide range of sprockets made from either stainless steel or food-grade approved polymers, as well as high quality thermoplastic chain guides as part of a total package.

Product Type:
Conveying equipment
FB Chain