GMO isn’t a problem with Sethness Products’ Caramel Color

With consumer demand for Non-GMO food offerings growing rapidly, Sethness Products Company developed a non-GMO Class I Caramel Color -- SB121 Liquid Caramel Color. Manufactured from non-genetically modified cane sucrose, SB121 is made for various Non-GMO applications. It is of a darker hue and is created to offer an appealing brown hue.

All Sethness Class I, or Plain Caramel Colors, are designed to be minimally processed. Ammonium or sulfite compounds are not used in the manufacturing of any Class I Caramel Colors. Not only that but 4-MeI is not formed in the production of Sethness Class l Caramel Colors. Class I Caramel Colors are created to meet consumer and retailer demand for cleaner labels on foods and beverages.

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Sethness Products Company