Kashi Crunchy Granola and Seed Bars Nourish Healthy Appetites

Expanding on its existing lineup of wholesome and delicious snack foods, Kellogg Co., Battle Creek, Mich., rolls out Kashi Crunchy Granola and Seed Bars in two flavors: Honey Oat Flax and Chocolate Chip Chia. Whether they’re enjoyed on their own or broken apart to dip into nut butter or yogurt, the new bars deliver a healthy dose of key nutrients that nourish healthy appetites.

The honey oat variety contains a medley of flax seeds, whole grains and quinoa with honey. Each bar provides 320mg of the omega-3 fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), 3g of fiber, 25g of whole grains and 6g of total fat. The chocolate chip variety is a blend of chia seeds, whole grains and quinoa sprinkled with sweet bites of chocolate chips. This bar contains 320mg of ALA, 3g of fiber, 23g of whole grains and 7g of total fat.

“We’re passionate about providing delicious and progressive ways to nourish appetites. Kashi’s new Crunchy Granola and Seed Bars are made from wholesome ingredients that make positive eating easy,” says John King, marketing director.

Founded in 1984, Kashi was purchased by Kellogg in 2000. The company was independently operated in its founding offices in La Jolla, Calif., until March 2013, when Kellogg moved the offices to Battle Creek.

Five-pack boxes retail for about $3.99.

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