Microwavable Pastas Help Consumers Solve Side Dish Dilemma

On average, Americans spend 30 minutes each day preparing meals, frequently with recipes that require eight different ingredients. Those 30 minutes are typically focused on main dishes with sides often left unconsidered until dinner is nearly on the table. To help consumers solve the side dish dilemma, ConAgra Foods, Omaha, Neb., introduces Marie Callender’s Easy Sides.

This new line of pasta side dishes lives up to its name. Cooks simply open the package, add water and microwave for four minutes. This convenience food and package eliminates the hassle of multiple ingredients or pots and pans.

With five varieties, there’s a side dish that complements any meal. Four of the sides — Alfredo, Chicken, Parmesan and Stroganoff -- are based on fettuccini pasta. The fifth is Mini Shells & Cheese. As the same suggests, that last side is miniature pasta shells in a butter- and cheese-flavored sauce. It is sophisticated enough for an adult’s palate, while at the same time satisfies that childlike mac and cheese craving.

Each 4.0-4.2-oz. pouch makes about two 2/3-cup servings. The suggested retail price is $1.25-1.69 per pouch, and the product is merchandised in the soup and pasta aisle.

marie callender easy sides
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